A Guide To Tipping At Durham, North Carolina Luxury Hotels

Knowing when to tip and when not to can be a little bit challenging – especially when staying at Durham, North Carolina luxury hotels. Most people know that you are supposed to leave a tip when you eat at a restaurant. What about when you rent a hotel room? When is it appropriate to tip? This guide should help answer all of your questions so that you can handle hotel tipping like a pro.

Tipping your housekeeper is always a good idea. Housekeeping takes hard work and usually doesn’t pay very well. You are counting on this person to keep your room clean and tidy. Why not give them a tip to show how much you appreciate their service? This is especially important if you are in a situation where your room is particularly difficult to clean. For instance, if you are traveling with children and they make a mess, be sure to leave a tip.

Leave the tip in an area where the housekeeper is sure to find it along with a note thanking them for their service. If you are going to be staying for multiple days, leave a small tip each day rather than a bigger one at the end of your stay since most hotels assign different housekeepers to each room on a daily basis.

If a porter helps you with your bags, consider giving them a tip. Tipping about a dollar a bag is usually appropriate unless your bags are particularly heavy. In that case, you can tip more.

If you take a shuttle service to the hotel from the airport, you should also tip your driver. Usually, a couple of dollars for each person who rides in the vehicle is more than enough.

If you order room service, the tip is almost always included in the cost. Because of that, direct tipping is usually not expected. Of course, you can tip if you feel like the person who brings you your food does a particularly good job or goes above and beyond to help make your experience more enjoyable.

Finally, many Durham, North Carolina luxury hotels have implemented policies discouraging their guests from tipping. Instead, a gratuity is included in the final bill. You should be able to find information about the tipping policy on the hotel’s website. Alternatively, you can also ask at the front desk when you check-in.

Even though it can be challenging to know when to tip at a hotel, any tips that you do provide are always appreciated by the staff.